Adstoclic News

  • 05 July 2021

    We are now almost 10.000 members, we hope that you are enjoying this experience. we are looking to reach 50.000 members at least by the next 4 months and 120.000 members by the next year.

  • 03 July 2021

    The Upgrade Let you get more BAP when you purchase bulk-ads but you can't earn anything with just buying the upgrade without buying bulk-Ads. From Monday the gain will be high for groups 3 and 4 We wish you all a happy new weekend with all of the success and happiness for you and your families.

  • 18 June 2021

    Paid Ads are issued to your account with a default 18-hour timer. If you do not view the ad within 18 hours, it will Expire, Prevent losing your cash by clicking on them before they Expire. Be informed that every time a Paid Ad is delivered to your account, your BAP is consumed in exchange. $1= 2000Bap The Ad Issue is sent 7/7

  • 14 June 2021

    Hello, we made a new update about referral tools visit the page Tell your friends about Adstoclic by giving them your referral link you will get 10% when your referrals buy bulk ads and 5% for each earning they get.

  • 26 May 2021

    Welcome to the brand new platform, we are online now after months of hard-working to achieve such a platform like this, Our fist goal in is to be one of the biggest advertising and earning platforms.